Wendy and Larry were incredible right from the start of representing our property: Immediately, they showed a passion and appreciation for our parent's wonderful home and view and the unique aspects of their property and recommended improvements that really made the estate shine to prospective buyers. Once the home was listed, both agents worked diligently to expose it to the right buyers to garner interest all while keeping me and my siblings up to date. We also appreciated their guidance when we received multiple offers and support when the "right" one came in. Wendy and Larry are true partners and we can't recommend them enough.

Kris K

I can't say enough good things about Wendy & Larry!! They patiently guided us through the contingent sale of our condo and purchase of our new home. They were always responsive to calls/texts/emails whenever we had a question about any part of the transaction and always gave us honest feedback, looking out for our best interests every step of the way. Wendy and Larry have years of experience in this business which helped us navigate any curveballs that were thrown our way. I highly recommend the services of Wendy & Larry.

Lisa and Reid

Larry Smart is the best realtor we have ever met. He truly listens to his clients’ wishes and anticipates their needs. He is one of the hardest working people we have ever met in any profession. Further, Larry genuinely cares about our happiness. Over the years, Larry has helped us with a variety of concerns beyond any individual real estate transaction. Larry always knows someone who can help with just about anything that involves a home, whether it is general contracting, carpeting, storage, landscaping—the list seems endless.

Moreover, Larry has a business philosophy that promotes honesty, caring, and long-term happiness. When Larry sold our home and helped us buy a new one, he not only helped us get the best deals, he offered wisdom about how to approach real estate transactions to not only maximize wealth but to realize genuine happiness. Larry seeks out what his client truly wants and needs. Larry will not waste your time with houses you do not want to see. He will not try to sell you something you do not want. Larry knows that return business comes from people being happy with his work, day in, day out.

This recommendation is long overdue, because Larry Smart has been helping us, our family, and our friends to sell houses and move into homes that we love. In fact, Larry has done such a good job of finding our last home that we have stayed in it for over two decades. We have happily recommended him to all the people we care about.

Max and Lori Dery

My husband and I can't say enough wonderful thing's about Wendy Morley and Larry Smart they are excellent in their field,very helpful and knowledgeable and we will highly recommend them to our family and friend's. They went above and beyond!

Jeff and Marlene Bradley

I practically strongarm friends, family and strangers into talking to Wendy Morley & Larry Smart when they start househunting. I?d been looking online for 2 years and rarely found anything that fit my needs. 10 minutes after sending my wishlist to W/L, they sent me a list of several properties that fit the bill. I was shocked. Two short trips to see houses, and I was in escrow on a property I never would have found on my own. And that was just the beginning. They worked tirelessly through escrow both on the sale of my current house and the purchase of the new one. My old house was on the market and in escrow within 2 weeks, and they were incredibly on top of things with the new purchase?making sure that every point was covered. When I noticed a few very minor things at the pre signing walkthrough, I was fine with it, but Wendy was not, and made sure those things were taken care of. And their great service has continued in the last year since I moved. They have jumped in to assist with a home warranty claim I was having trouble with, have sent over their own roofing contractor to inspect my roof before a big rainstorm, and check in every few months just to make sure things are going well and that I?m still satisfied. At this point, I consider them good friends.Jean Muenster,

Jean Muenster

Hello Larry and Wendy,Billy and I wanted to write you this thank you email for all your hard work on the sale of our house. Your professionalism and constant assistance in the entire process was very much appreciated!Not only did our home sell so quickly , it also sold for over asking price! Your attention to detail in all aspects of this deal was wonderful as well as your ability to answer any and all questions quickly, professionally and honestly. Even the questions pertaining to the buying of our new home you answered willingly!Thank you again for a wonderful and smooth real estate transaction!Sincerely,Billy and Hester

Billy and Hester S.

Selling a home one has lived in for 49 years is a daunting task. I was very fortunate to work with an experienced, professional realtor team, Wendy Morley and Larry Smart. Wendy and Larry managed many issues for me which were incomplete dueto my move from the area before my home sold. They respondedquickly to any of my concerns, were professional and diligent incaring for the problems, and completing business details. I highly recommend them. Thank you Wendy and Larry for a great job!"Again, many thanks to both of you for your dedication and all thework in selling my home!!!


My wife and I met Wendy Morley at an open house when we were considering moving to Simi Valley. Wendy was very friendly, knowledgeable, and listened to what we were looking for. During subsequent phone conversations our concerns were addressed and we felt the timing was right to move. We were pleasantly surprised when we met Wendy's partner, Larry Smart, who was equally as nice and had a vast amount of experience. Although their office was in Simi Valley, we trusted Wendy and Larry to list our house in Palmdale, California, and we sure are glad we did. Unfortunately, due to exigent circumstances within our family, we had to take it off the market shortly after listing it. Wendy and Larry had already spent a considerable amount of time and effort with us, but were so gracious and very understanding with our decision. Wendy and Larry would even call occasionally to see how we were doing. During our conversations, there was never any effort on their part to pressure us to put our house on the market, and we felt the phone calls were out of a genuine concern for our well-being.A few months later, circumstances changed and we were once again ready to list our house and make the move to Simi Valley. Without hesitation, we chose Wendy and Larry who picked up right where we left off. Our house sold quickly, and when we began to feel the stress of not finding a house and possibly having to rent, Wendy and Larry put us at ease and continued searching. Wendy and Larry found the perfect house, and now that we have been here for two months, we couldn't be happier. Having Wendy and Larry was like having two, experienced, kind, hard-working agents for the price of one. It could not have worked out any better and we are so glad to have walked through this process with Wendy and Larry in our corner.

Eric and Cheryl